Playwright brings new play home to the Okanagan

  • May. 19, 2011 8:00 p.m.
Playwright brings new play home to the Okanagan

A Penticton ex-patriate is returning to her hometown next week, and she’s bringing her latest play with her for local audiences.

The show, Spoof City, was co-created and directed by Terri-Lyn Storey, who now bases herself in Vancouver, where she instructs the Box Theatre at Grandview Elementary School. With the success of performances of the show in the lower mainland, they have decided to bring it to Storey’s hometown.

Storey describes the show as a visually rich experience, a Lady Gaga meets Glee-style show full of singing, dancing, acting and comedy.

“Basically, I write the plays with the kids. The current play started because I had just watched an episode of Glee spoofing Lady Gaga so I thought we should play around with that. We’ll improvise, it’s a really wonderful creative process. Then I’ll go home and work on a script, usually with a bottle of wine,” Storey said with a laugh.

After high school and a year as the 46th Miss Penticton, Storey moved to Toronto to attend the George Brown Theatre School but missed the mountains and lush nature of B.C.

“I loved being outside so I moved back to Vancouver and attended Vancouver Film School,” she said.

Storey has also studied in New York City at the Actors Studio, performed at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival for five years and has won several critics’ choice awards for her solo work, the Hope Slide and Torch, which she has also performed in Penticton.

Storey has had extensive experience in acting, directing and producing; in total, she has been working in the industry for 13 years. Storey has been creating original shows for the Vancouver School Board for more than four years, and her work on Spoof City with the children from Grandview Elementary is one of which she is the most proud.

The Box Theatre will be performing May 26 to 28 at 7:30 p.m. at Mbody Space on Eckhardt Ave., and tickets are available at the Visitor Centre for $10-12.