Students can still register for Okanagan three-hour short story competition

Organizers of Okanagan College’s short story competition will be a little lenient with students having difficulty deciding whether to enter.

Organizers of Okanagan College’s three-hour short story competition are willing to be a little lenient with those Grade 11, 12 and college students who are having difficulty deciding whether to enter this year’s competition.

The contest is scheduled for this Saturday, and the deadline to register for the event is Nov. 18. Organizers, though, are willing to accept walk-in traffic at the college computer labs where the event will be hosted in Penticton.

“Those last-minute writers will have to realize, though, that pre-registration will guarantee them a spot in the competition. If they come at the last minute and we’re full, well, we’re full,” says Sean Johnston, one of the college’s English professors organizing the event.

The short story competition is open to students in Grade 11 and 12, and those attending Okanagan College. The contest takes place simultaneously from noon to 3 p.m. on Nov. 19 at the college’s three campuses. Writers will work on college computers, and will not be able to access any pre-written material or anything online.

Four prizes of $250 tuition credit will be handed out, one for each campus winner. The grand prize winner will receive an additional $500 tuition credit.

Visit to sign up in advance or for more information.