John Fogerty

John Fogerty

Top concerts at the SOEC in 2014

The Steve Miller Band and John Fogerty were among the top attended shows at the SOEC in 2014.

Florida Georgia Line

The most attended event at the South Okanagan Events Centre this year was the Canucks Young Stars Classic, but as far as one-day concerts go, country music duo Florida Georgia Line took the top spot as the sold-out crowd made their show the most attended concert at the SOEC for 2014.

“It’s our responsibility to throw the biggest party of the year right? I hope you are all ready. B.K. and myself have a very important question to ask you guys, where are my party people?” Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line asked the packed crowd on April 10 right before breaking into the lyrics for Party People.

The theme of the night was plaid, but music genres switched at will with openers Chris Lane and Dallas Smith covering everything from Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice to Lorde’s Royals. The main act joined in on the fun covering Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive.

John Fogerty

It was the second highest attended concert of 2014, but the year of focus was 1969 when John Fogerty came to town.

The former Credence Clearwater Revival frontman took the packed SOEC crowd on a tour through the biggest year in his career, and, a special treat for the rock and roll nerds out there, through his guitar collection.

CCR had three monster albums jam packed with hits in 1969, a big year for both the band and the world.

“That year was very remarkable in my life and my band’s career, but I dare say it was one of the more remarkable career years that anyone ever had. Three albums that all did very well, were played on the radio, a lot of hit singles,” Fogerty told the Western News in November.

Steve Miller Band

Whether you call him the Space Cowboy or the Gangster of Love, it’s undeniable that the Steve Miller Band left an impact on fans in Penticton. The rock-music great racked up the third highest attendance for a concert at the SOEC this year.

The crowd rocked along to hits from their 17 studio albums and three live albums, including Rock ‘n Me, Fly Like an Eagle, Jet Airliner, Jungle Love, Swingtown, The Joker and Abracadabra.