Trunk Show at Elephant Island in Naramata

Fashion culture continues to make big footprints outside the traditional venues in Naramata this weekend.

Fashion culture continues to make big footprints outside the traditional venues in Naramata this weekend.

While it might not be expected habitat for fashionista’s, but life with the Naramata Bench as backdrop is inspiring an evolution of cultural offerings outside of simply wine and food. Elephant Island Orchard Wines will feature celebrated Canadian Designer, Maggie Walt of Edmonton,  this weekend.

Walt is known for colourful designs that blend vintage, luxurious fabrics and exotic eastern motifs to produce a very timeless and feminine look. From scarves and saris, to silks and satin, Maggie Walt fashions appeal to a range of women. Many of her fashions are one-of-a-kind.

The two-day affair showcasing Walt’s design will be housed in the Tank Room, highlighted by a launch evening complete with petit fours, methode champenoise sparkling wine (Pink Elephant) and fanfare. What better to spotlight beautiful design than the shimmer of stainless steel fermentation tanks?

“Obviously the trunk is synonymous with the Elephant, a trunk show had to happen,” said Miranda Halladay, co-proprietor of Elephant Island Orchard Wines. “As my grandma always says, fun and games from 4 to 6 … And having one of Canada’s first female architects as a grandma makes an appreciation for design inborn.”

Taking the event one step further, Elephant Island will donate partial proceeds from the ticketed evening event on June 15 to the United Way.

“It is a great fit (no pun intended) to have United Way involved. Elephant Island is committed to giving back to the community and the team at United Way does a thoughtful service to matching funds to specific need,” said Halladay. “We feel that our contributions are most impactful when leveraged through United Way. We have seen, and are inspired by, the United Way’s ability to make a difference at a very grassroots level; supporting the efforts of the United Way is an easy choice to make.”

Designer rubber boots may be a staple in these parts, but a thirst for fashion culture in the Okanagan is running strong. The FAB Fashion Show featuring clothes from Ad Hoc Boutique that ran last weekend makes fashion week on the Naramata Bench a reality.

Trunk Show sales are open to the public on both Friday and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The ticketed event starts at 7:30 p.m. Friday and costs $25 with proceeds to the United Way. Desserts and wine tasting included. For more information or for tickets call 250-496-5522.