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Ex-Summerland bank employee ordered to make monthly appearances in court

Terry Lee Sedawie is charged with defrauding bank customers
A former Summerland Royal Bank employee pleaded not guilty to fraud charges in Penticton court. (File photo)

A former Summmerland Royal Bank account manager charged with allegedly defrauding the bank’s customers has been ordered to appear in person in court once a month before her trial starts.

Terry Lee Sedawie appeared in person at Penticton Provincial Court on Jan. 17 to hear Crown call for regular appearances as a means to ensure her trial goes forward in May of 2024.

Sedawie was charged in 2020 with six counts of fraud over $5,000 over incidents from 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

At the time Sedawie had been an account manager for the RBC.

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Sedawie has pleaded not guilty to all six charges.

A trial set to go ahead in June 2023 was abruptly cancelled on opening day when Sedawie was hopsitalized that morning.

A prior trial date had been set in 2022, but at that point Sedawie was representing herself and the trial was cancelled after Crown and the judge’s advice was for her to seek counsel.

The judge noted that with the case’s history, Sedawie’s appearance on Jan. 17 could have easily been a bail hearing instead.

“I think we need to keep a short leash on this,” Crown said. “I’m mindful of, of Ms. Sedawie’s circumstances, so I’m not choosing to detain today, but that’s on the condition that we keep this on a short leash.”

Sedawie will have to appear in court in February, March, April and at the start of May ahead of her trial.

A failure to appear would result in Crown seeking a warrant to hold her in custody until her trial is finally dealt with.

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