Isaac Gilbert

Meet Penticton candidate Isaac Gilbert

Meet the candidates running in the upcoming Penticton by-election

As part of our Penticton city by-election coverage, the Penticton Western News asked candidates to submit a bio about themselves, and to provide their answers to questions that are important to the community.

Isaac Gilbert cares deeply about the citizens that live in the city straddled by two beautiful lakes. He has immersed himself into Penticton through work and community involvement.

He protects the delicate environment of the South Okanagan as a BC Parks Ranger. As the chair of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee for the City of Penticton, he advises and guides the city in the protection of our parkland and recreational opportunities. Gilbert has also brought art and laughter to the City of Penticton. He founded Peach Gravy Theatre Cooperative and has worked with Many Hats Theatre Company. He is a former board director with the Penticton Arts Council and organizer of Pecha Kucha Penticton.

Gilbert says his experience in managing government budgets at BC Parks, working with city staff on the advisory committee, and involvement in the community makes him competent to lead council to getting Penticton to reach its potential to be affordable for families, seniors, and individuals, building a four-season economy, and taking care of our senior population.

Q: How would you address the housing crisis?

A: My platform addresses the housing crisis by rezoning some of city-owned land into affordable housing and developing a City Public Housing Authority. The rezoning will allow for more affordable housing stock to enter the market. The housing authority will collaborate with senior levels of government, non-profit housing organizations, cooperative housing associations, and home builders to develop and build on the newly zoned lands housing for our community.

Q: How would you address rising crime rates and social issues impacting Penticton?

A: Crime will be reduced when people feel secure and their basic needs are met. To do this the City must show leadership and build a permanent shelter. Then push BC Housing to build transition, support, and finally independent housing. This will give people the path forward to hurdle over their challenges and empower them to become independent again and secure with themselves.

Q: Do you have a plan to support small business?

A: To support small business my platform looks to the long-term sustainability of our local businesses by partnering with the college. The goal of this partnership is to expand the programming at the college to bring in more students, especially trade programs, and build a residence.

This will bring in a much-needed influx of people in the wintertime when many people leave Penticton for warmer climates. This will help sustain a lot of our hospitality industry and trade workers.

Q: Do you support more low-barrier supportive housing for the homeless or what do you think can address the addictions and mental health issues facing the community?

A: As stated above I fully support low barrier housing for the homeless. The city must build a path for people to get the help that they need and feel secure with a roof over their head and a bed to sleep in. The goal is to empower people to live independently and overcome their challenges of homelessness and mental health and addictions.

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