Karen Brownlee (Stuart Bish photography)

Karen Brownlee (Stuart Bish photography)

Meet Penticton candidate Karen Brownlee

Meet the candidates running in the upcoming Penticton by-election

As part of our Penticton city by-election coverage, the Penticton Western News asked candidates to submit a bio about themselves, and to provide their answers to questions that are important to the community.

My name is Karen Brownlee. I was born and raised on the Prairies, where 30-plus years ago my family and I moved to Penticton. My daughter, her husband and their children still live here. My oldest granddaughter, now a young woman, has chosen to complete post-secondary education in Penticton, and now is working here.

After moving here, I started my own lawn care business which still operates successfully today. As I integrated into our community, I began to volunteer with many events and organizations. I served as a director on various boards and currently am the president of the Protect Penticton’s Parks Society.

As I got more involved in the community, I began to see problem areas that city officials weren’t aware of, or were deliberately ignoring. In speaking to some of our elected officials, their dismissive attitudes didn’t help, with some not even showing the respect to reply to my queries.

Of late, many residents have witnessed that lack of caring from our elected officials as we entered yet another battle with the future of our parks. There is a tendency to not listen to us or just put forward overly vague answers.

As a city councillor, listening to people is a key part of the job. The simple act of listening helps them feel they can contribute to the city’s future. If we work together we can develop solutions to everyone’s satisfaction. Elect me, so together we can work to ensure Penticton is clean, safe and healthy for all who live here.

All candidates were given a limit of answering each question in four sentences.

Brownlee declined to answer the four questions asked of all candidates, claiming there is not enough room to provide complete answers. She regrets this outcome and expressed her hope is that the public understands it’s because of the limitations given.

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