Blog shares vision for Penticton

a group of Penticton residents are asking residents to share their vision of the city for the next 20 years

What started as a coffee-time chat about the future of Penticton has evolved into a group of citizens trying to engage the community through social media.

With the philosophy ‘we can do better’, a group of Penticton residents are asking residents to share their vision of the city for the next 20 years on their website, blog, Twitter and Facebook sites.

“The blog was set up to give citizens a platform to discuss the future of our town. Realistically, as an election is imminent, much of the initial blog comments will revolve around the election,” said part of the co-ordinating group for Vision Penticton Rory McIvor, who added the blog will run long after the election and have a wide variety of topics related to Penticton.

Visioning Penticton is a group of volunteers interested in civic affairs and supporting improvement in Penticton — economically, socially and environmentally — including the quality of the urban environment. The group wants to identify and advocate for ideas and approaches that can result in civic improvements and encourage accountability and sound governance.

“We are not interested in attacking City Hall or any one person. In the view of many, there was a noticeable absence of pre-planning or visioning for our community, and for them it was worrisome,” said McIvor, adding they are not in the business of pushing any specific candidate’s election platform, rather it is a gathering place for everyone to talk about what the issues are in Penticton and what are some solutions. “The absolute intent of it is to give people a forum to present their views. It is a pretty powerful medium,” said McIvor.

Visioning Penticton hopes in the coming days and weeks the blog will expand and more people will put their views out there.

“Hopefully it will initiate a very healthy dialogue on what people’s expectations are for our town and what they would like to see to make our town a livable place and many hopefully will offer comments on how to get there,” said McIvor.

Find the blog at or visit the website