Bodies of work on display in Penticton

Mr. Muscle Miss Bikini competition returns to Skaha Beach on Sunday

  • Aug. 2, 2012 3:00 p.m.
Mr. Muscle contestant Ron Miles surprises the judges with a second

Mr. Muscle contestant Ron Miles surprises the judges with a second

There’s only a couple more days to hit the gym, soak up some sun and bust out the baby-oil; after a year hiatus, the Mr. Muscle Miss Bikini Beach Party is coming back to Penticton.

Sunday’s adult-only event offers beverage gardens, live music and entertainment and, of course, the muscle and bikini competitions.

“It’s on the beach, the sun’s out, people are very chill, just having a good time,” said JCI Penticton president Rylan Hernberg. “You see a lot of smiles and laughter and people having a good time.”

As well, this year will feature, for the first time, a feats of strength event, where men and women will be competing in different events showcasing their physical prowess, such as a tire roll and a tug-of-war.

Would-be competitors in the muscle and bikini contests have the lure of a cash prizes to entice them onto the stage; thanks to a donation from Parker’s Chrysler, the first-place winners will be receiving $500, with second and third receiving $250 and $125, respectively.

Local band Papa Wheely and DJ Switch will be on hand to provide the entertainment all day and the Molson beach beverage garden will ensure that everyone in attendance stays well-hydrated.

While all eyes at the event will be on the bodies on stage, the real focus is the charities funds are being raised for, said Ryan Sirianni, who has been with JCI Penticton since 2005 and involved with the event for seven years.

“The main reason for this whole event is it’s our number one fundraiser for the year for all the charitable foundations that we do,” he said.

“It enables us to make all our commitments to major organizations that really depend on that money yearly.”

One of the main recipients of the money raised over the weekend’s event are the JCI Summer Day Camps for Kids. With the last contribution the group made to the camps, Sirianni said, 580 kids were able to attend the camp who otherwise wouldn’t have.

“Being that people understand that it’s a charity fundraiser event and that the money raised from this goes to different organizations that need it within the community, it’s well supported,” he said.

Sirianni also expressed thanks for the help and support the event has garnered from the community, the city and the RCMP, saying without their help, Mr. Muscle Miss Bikini wouldn’t happen.

However, he also pointed out that the event’s benefits go beyond the charitable aspect.

“It’s not just raising money for the charities, but to also drive and bringing people into Penticton to help drive business in general for everybody that lives and does business here in Penticton,” he said, pointing out that the event has drawn competitors from Alberta and the U.S., as well as the rest of B.C.

After 28 years, Sirianni said the event has become a regular part of some people’s vacations.

“People actually schedule their summer holidays around Mr. Muscle Miss Bikini,” he said.

The Mr. Muscle Miss Bikini Beach Party will be held at Skaha Beach from noon to 8 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets available at the door or at the Penticton and Wine Country visitor Centre, as well as Freeride Boardshop.

Competition registration is first-come first served, with about 15 spots in each category.

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