Boisvert-Gilman looking to take reins in Summerland

District of Summerland: Mayor candidate says he will unify the town under his leadership

  • Oct. 23, 2014 9:00 a.m.
Christopher Boisvert-Gilman

Christopher Boisvert-Gilman

Dee Gilman of Gilman Road, my grandmother became a Summerland orchardist in 1948. I arrived here first in 1974, followed by my brother Robert Gilman and sister Barb Etter.

From Summerland Research Station to working graveyards at 7/11, I joined Summerland’s working retired. But not all is well in Paradise!

Summerland is fractured into eight equally important groups.

A united Summerland means businesses will grow; the arts will have a home; tourism will flourish; agriculture will be recognized as precious; developers will be appreciated for the value and worthiness that they can be; environment protected; youth with a choice to stay and work for more than minimum wage and seniors enjoying life with policing 24 hours a day.

Unity happens with servant-style leadership. Reaching out, consulting and getting feedback  all can be heard.

Community accountability sessions will be reintroduced as part of my managerial style. Summerland needs openness, which means, in-camera meetings for employee and legal issues only.

We may agree to disagree, but seek out common ground and build on it. Stop the divisive, intimidating council, promoting only their agenda.

A Summerland first policy will unite us. Shalom.