Boonstock books new security act

Boonstock Music and Arts Festival announced today they have an agreement with a new security company.

Just hours before their scheduled forum with the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, organizers of the Boonstock Music Festival have posted a press release on their Facebook page announcing a new security company for the event.

According to the release, Boonstock has signed a new agreement with 24/7 Security Ltd.

“The safety and security of everyone who attends this event … has always been my paramount priority,” said Colin Kobza, president of Boonstock Productions, in the release.

Boonstock signed an agreement with International Crowd Management in January, but on June 27, ICM terminated that agreement, citing health and safety concerns with the Boonstock safety plan.

According to ICM, Boonstock had told them they wanted less security guards and no lifeguards or first aid/paramedic personnel.

“What impressed us the most when we first spoke with 24/7 Security Ltd. was their readiness to work with our local event and security professionals. Penticton is a festival city and we have some of the finest water safety, event security and medical experts in B.C., perhaps in Canada,” said director of operations Barb Haynes in the same release.

Haynes goes on to say that 24/7 will only be securing the licensed areas and Boonstock will rely on local and regional specialists to provide “first aid/paramedical services, lifeguards, floating cork line and rescue/safety boats.”

Boonstock Music and Arts Festival is planned for the August long weekend.