Canada Post employee stops scam

Canada Post employee stops scam

A resident was saved by a sharp Canada Post employee in the Lower Similkameen.

An employee at one of the community’s Canada Post office’s saved a resident from being scammed out of a large sum of money.

The RCMP issued a release reminding residents to be leery of anyone asking for money transfers over the phone.

In the most recent scam the caller claimed to be a family member who was in need of help. The fraudster asked for a sum of money to be sent via mail or money order to a far off international destination. When the resident went to their local Canada Post office the employee questioned the transaction and the police were called.

The RCMP suggests doing these things so you won’t fall victim to a scam.

-Get their name, address and contact information so you can identify who you are speaking with and verify what they are

telling you.

-Ask questions such as: How they obtained your contact information? How do they know you? Who do they work for? Where are they from? In the case they claim to be family ask who their parents are.

-Don’t give them any information they can use to convince you they are a legitimate person or enterprise. This includes: banking information (branch, accounts, credit card information), your full name, your date of birth, Social Insurance Number, your address or names of your family members etc.

-Don’t send cash in the mail.

-Don’t send money orders.

-If you are confused get specific details as to what it is that is happening, what the person wants, and let them know you will contact them back when you have a witness present.

-Take control of the call. Don’t let them control you.

A full list of tips and cautions can be found at

If you received any of these fraudulent calls you can report the information to the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888- 495-8501. If you have been subject to a fraud and have sent money, please contact the Keremeos RCMP Detachment at 1-250-499-5511.


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