City council hopeful issues challenge to other candidates

Candidate promises to donate $5,000 of councillor salary to local charity.

Councillor candidate Darryl Sanders is determined that win or lose on Nov. 15, he is going to make a difference in Penticton.

He’s promising that if elected, he will donate $5,000 of his annual councillor salary to a fund for youth groups like the scouts, guides, 4H and “all the boys’ and girls’ clubs.”

“I challenge all the other candidates to do the same. And to go one step further, this wonderful city that should be standing up for the youth, I challenge the city to match the contributions,” said Sanders, who includes the mayoral candidates in his challenge.

He said the idea came from a question at the all-candidates forum last week, when fellow candidate Doug Maxwell was asked if he was going to donate all or part of his council salary, as he promised to do when running for provincial office.

“It’s more to get the candidates to prove that they really want to make a difference and it is not about the paycheque,” said Sanders.

In Penticton, councillors are paid about $21,000 a year and the mayor, about $60,000. Sanders is hoping all the candidates are willing to make the same pledge, which would result in a $35,000 fund for youth groups, and up to $70,000 if the city chooses to match donations.

“It’s about community involvement and giving back and I just feel it is the right thing to do,” said Sanders. “Whether I get elected or not, that’s going to be a contribution. I am hoping to see everyone jump on the bandwagon.”