City draws up changes for signs near school zones

The City of Penticton is about to change the street signage around school zones and playgrounds.

  • Jun. 16, 2011 5:00 p.m.

The City of Penticton is about to change the street signage around school zones and playgrounds.

According to city engineer Ian Chapman, the city has received complaints that in some areas existing signs are either too numerous and confusing while in other areas there are not enough signs. Furthermore, he reported the RCMP has also stated that in some instances existing signage is unenforceable and does not meet provincial standards or requirements.

After looking into the matter, said Chapman, staff concluded that there are inconsistencies between different zones’ signage and that often signs are located too far from the schools and playgrounds for which they apply. As well, some areas have inappropriate, contradictory or confusing signs, he said.

“The most significant issue to be addressed is the fact that the existing signage at several schools is not enforceable,” said Chapman. “The RCMP has failed to obtain convictions due to signage problems, and enforcement efforts are being compromised accordingly.

“This is not only a waste of RCMP resources, but it also detracts from the intent of creating reduced speed areas where they are needed and potentially exposes the city to the risk of legal action where it can be proved that required reduced speed areas are not correctly signed.”

The approved plan will see the signage simplified, adjusted, eliminated or moved closer to the schools or playgrounds, changes which Chapman said were well-received by parent advisory committee groups, School District 67 and the RCMP.

“Staff (will) make the changes to the signage during the school break,” he said.

City  director of operations Mitch Moroziuk said the municipality will work with the school district to implement a notification program so that school children, parents and the general public will be aware of the changes.

“Probably the biggest part of this is the public education process,” said Moroziuk. “We will make the changes to this signage over July and August and then have information that would be going out in advanced.

“As well, information will be going home with every student so that their parents will be well aware of the changes that are being made.”