City on board with transit review

Penticton staff working with Transportation Ministry in review examining transit operation and peformance

  • Nov. 18, 2011 2:00 p.m.

Penticton council is all aboard news of a review of transit service being shuttled in by the B.C. government.

Council received a letter from Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom this month that states he heard  several elected officials during the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention held in October ask the province to take a look at B.C. Transit.

“After hearing the views expressed by the community leaders at our meetings, I agree it’s worth reviewing how transit services is delivered in our province,” Lekstrom wrote.

“An independent review of B.C. Transit will be undertaken that will examine transit system operations and performance, governance, funding and local government consultation and communication processes.”

He added that he is committed to working with the municipalities served by B.C. Transit.

“I’m looking forward to seeing this process yield some results,” Coun. Garry Litke said during council’s Nov. 7 meeting.

To help assist with the scope, timeframe and process of the review, Lekstrom was asking each municipality to identify a staff member to work with the ministry.

Chief administrative officer Annette Antoniak nominated operations director Mitch Moroziuk to work with the ministry. Council unanimously approved the appointment.