Convention brings 3,000 to the city

Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention at the South Okanagan Events Centre.

The keys to family happiness and emulating Jesus are the themes for this year’s Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention at the South Okanagan Events Centre.

An estimated 3,200 people are expected to attend the three-day event which begins Friday entitled “Imitate Jesus!”

This is the third year the convention has been held in Penticton and will feature an examination of Jesus’ famed Sermon on the Mount as well as 30 Videos presented including Biblical dramas, and a baptism for those dedicating themselves to becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.

The convention begins at 9:20 a.m. Friday and will explore the life of Jesus and the lessons that permeate through to today.

“We’ll be looking at various ways we can benefit from his example,” said Peter Matkovich, the convention’s spokesperson.

“Specifically it’s having to do with how applying Jesus, how he lived in his own life, how that can relate to happiness within the family unit,” he said.

The topics will explore how parents can help their children to build stronger and more united families.

“That’s something that I think is important regardless of your denomination,” Matkovich said.

The whole program is designed fresh every year and built off a central theme with new ideas to explore. New publication releases including books and brochures published by the Watchtower and Tract Society will be featured at the convention.

People of all ages and denominations are welcome to come to the free event