Fire burns near Naramata

A 2.5-hectare fire is being fought by crews just off the KVR trail near the Adra Tunnel.

Fire crews have gained an upper hand, but a 2.5-hectare fire is still burning near Naramata.

Ministry of Forests crews and Naramata Fire personnel began fighting the fire near the Adra Tunnel off the KVR trail around 5:30 a.m. which grew from 1.5 hectares to 2.5 within an hour.

There are power lines and homes in the area, but no evacuation order has been made.

As of 10:30 a.m. ministry crews were providing air support to contain the blaze dropping water and retardant. Water supplies were minimal in the area and were being shuttled in to the area to support crews.

“It’s not contained by any means, they kind of have an upper hand on it, so it’s a little bit in control but not too much,” Naramata Fire Chief Tony Trovao said.

In the Kamloops Fire Centre 48 fires were started as of Sunday night.

“A lot of those were lightning caused. We had a lot of lightning activity move through,” said Navi Saini, Fire Information Officer with the Kamloops Fire Centre.

RCMP are also investigating what is only being called something “suspicious” at this point.