Former mayor looking to get back in the saddle

District of Summerland: David Gregory says his previous council got things done like no other

  • Oct. 23, 2014 7:00 p.m.
David Gregory

David Gregory

I am a third generation Summerlander. I have an honours degree (Queens) and a doctorate (McGill).

Since 1979, every year, without exception, I have attempted to give back to my community with various types of community work.

I am a former mayor, municipal councillor, school board trustee, Union Board of Health director, minor hockey president and many committees and commissions.

I was Summerland’s mayor from 2005-2008.

During my term, we finally resolved our water problems with the treatment plant and Thirsk Dam expansion. Downtown densification began with multi-storey buildings. M

ore parks and trails were created during my term than any other council. I didn’t run in the last two elections, because I had other interests.

I have become so disappointed with my community. Now, information is distorted, manipulated: spin politics. Info about the new library was partially true. The urban growth strategy did not follow smart growth principle No.7 to protect and enhance  agriculture.

There is certainly no enhancement. There is a is the need to restore the importance of public committees. If the public felt that their opinions were respected by council, perhaps we would not have such a divided community.