Haddad leaving city for UBC Okanagan

Anthony Haddad leaving position with city to join UBC Okanagan

Anthony Haddad

Anthony Haddad

Anthony Haddad, director of development services, is heading back to school.

Haddad, who is currently the City of Penticton’s director of development services,  won’t be teaching classes or taking them, however. Haddad is going to work for UBC Okanagan as the university’s director of campus planning and development, updating their new master plan.

They’ve experienced significant growth over recent years, said Haddad, and have created the position to help manage that continuing growth and update the university’s master plan.

“It’s certainly a very unique niche in the planning world and a good opportunity for me,” said Haddad, explaining that it is not uncommon for a university to have such a position on their staff. He will be working closely with the planning and development team at the main UBC campus in Vancouver, which is essentially its own municipality.

Haddad has worked for the City of Penticton since 2009, coming here from a position at the City of Calgary, though he originally hails from Australia, where he obtained his degree in planning from the Royal Melbourne University.

“I have really enjoyed my time here in Penticton. I’ve learned a lot, and worked with some amazing people,” said Haddad. “I’ve been part of some pretty significant change over the last few years and really look forward to seeing the community continue to move in a positive direction.

“We have done a lot in terms of process improvements and cost of service enhancements, within the division over the last few years.”

Mayor Garry Litke said he has nothing but respect for Haddad’s professionalism and skill, a respect he said is shared by the development community.

“I believe he changed the way the planning department does business. Instead of putting up roadblocks or identifying red tape or giving them forms to fill out or whatever might have happened in the past, Anthony has been the guy that works with developers,” said Litke. “It’s impossible to quantify the value of that relationship.”