The SS Aberdeen pictured in Westbank around 1900 going to Penticton, eight years before the area officially become an incorporated district. (Contributed)

Happy Birthday: Penticton turns 113 on New Year’s Eve, 2021

Penticton was incorporated as a district municipality in 1908 before becoming a city in 1948

New Year’s Eve is a day recognized and celebrated around the world. But in Penticton, the occasion is extra special.

On Dec. 31, 1908, Penticton was first incorporated as a district municipality before becoming a city in 1948.

And for one particular resident, New Year’s Eve is a day to acknowledge the place that she calls home.

“Perhaps you’d like to remember to raise a glass to celebrate this amazing piece of Canada that seems to leave its indelible imprint on the hearts of so many,” Kathrine Lucier wrote in a letter to the Western News.

With a population of about 600, Penticton emerged as a place to work and stay for many after the construction of the Kettle Valley Railway 113 years ago.

“Since its centennial in 2008, I make it a point every year on this day, to whisper thanks to this amazing city for providing a home to my family since 1972,” Lucier added.

It was in May of 1948 when Penticton officially became a city but on New Year’s Eve in 1908, a newly-found B.C. municipality officially became the home for many.

And as 2022 reigns in, there’s just one thing Lucier wants her fellow citizens to know.

“While you’re ringing the old year out and the new one in, I just wanted to send out a reminder that to many of us — December 31st holds a very special place in our hearts.”

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