Helicopter rescue near Summerland

A 40-year-old man was airlifted by a Penticton and District Search and Rescue helicopter on Thursday afternoon.



Penticton and District Search and Rescue crews mobilized Thursday afternoon after a call for assistance from the BC Ambulance service near Summerland.

BC Ambulance received a call of a male in distress in the Summerland area, and with no location information, triangulated the position of the distress call through cell phone towers.

The GPS coordinates provided the search team the ability to identify a location near the KVR trestle near Trout Creek. A three-person Helicopter team (HETS) was dispatched to the area as well as one rescue truck with a six-person ground support group.

The helicopter team was on the scene quickly and able to spot the male on the ground. The man appeared unresponsive, but after the first two responder technicians were lowered to the 40-year-old man they discovered him to be responsive, conducted a quick medical assessment and airlifted the man out to a BC Ambulance which transported him to hospital for treatment.