Henningson frustrated with current city council

City of Penticton: Henningson, Brian Councillor candidate

Brian Henningson is running for a City of Penticton council seat.

Brian Henningson is running for a City of Penticton council seat.

Brian Henningson’s decision to run as councillor was based on feedback from the by-election, when he was trying for mayor.

Many people, he said, told him they would be more willing to support him as councillor.

“I thought I would take some of that advice and run for councillor this year,” he said. “I just see a lot of frustrating things. You turn around and every time there is more money being wasted.”



I  was born in New Westminster, B.C. on Jan. 7 1970. I have had several jobs from paperboy and grind man at a welding shop to bartender and a lease hand. Most recently a mobile ice cream vendor on Lakeshore Drive. I am not lazy, but I have made more money playing poker than I have working a regular job.

Thankfully I had that money buffer, as I was in a very bad motorcycle accident in 2006, where I lost 60 per cent of my skin. Employment is a massive issue here, as it is almost impossible to get a job. Ultimately I ended up on the oil rigs.

If elected, my first order of business would be a meeting with every city staff member to remind them, their job is paid for by taxpayers, and they are there to serve the taxpayer (with a smile if possible), so that an Elvena Slump situation does not occur again. There is no room at city hall for any power tripping Gestapo members.