High-profile sex offender to stay behind bars

Ronald Teneycke pleads guilty to drug-related charges and is in jail awaiting sentencing

An Okanagan Falls man with a marked past has plead guilty to a breach of his conditions and a drug charge which could mean more jail time.

Ronald Arthur Teneycke, a convicted sex offender, plead guilty Wednesday in Penticton provincial court to possession of methamphetamine as well as a breach of his conditions to not be in possession of any illegal drugs.

Teneycke, 51, has a long criminal history that includes a conviction for sexual assault with a weapon, forcible confinement of an Okanagan Falls teenager and two counts of uttering threats that put him in jail for 12 years.

One of the two charges he plead to on Wednesday stem from conditions imposed upon him based on a Crown application, which seeks to impose tighter controls on the man, is complete.

Teneycke, who has been behind bars since his Aug. 14 arrest, is to be sentenced on Sept. 30.