High-risk offender granted bail

Phillipe Poisson issued a number of conditions, placing him on house arrest and forbidding contact with anyone under 16

Phillipe Poisson has been granted bail and put under house arrest at his Kaleden home.

Phillipe Poisson has been granted bail and put under house arrest at his Kaleden home.

A man with a growing list of court appearances and who RCMP have listed as a high risk to commit a sexual offence has been granted bail to live in Kaleden.

Phillipe Poisson, 20, was already living in Kaleden when RCMP said he breached his conditions in January, less than two weeks after being released from jail. RCMP had put up posters in Kaleden and the surrounding area in late December, noting the man is currently on a court order with a number of conditions and considered a high risk to reoffend, particularly against male victims under the age of 16.

Judge Meg Shaw granted Poisson bail on Monday at Penticton provincial court where the man appeared by video from Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre.

Although he was granted the release, Poisson still has three outstanding matters in Kamloops for uttering threats and two counts of assault. Those are scheduled to be dealt with on Thursday in Kamloops. The defence lawyer in Penticton told the judge an application is being proposed to move them to the Penticton courthouse.

In addition to his recognizance and parole conditions already in place, Judge Shaw added that Poisson cannot be outside a 10-metre radius of his physical residence in Kaleden. Poisson is also being put under 24-hour house arrest unless he has the written permission of his bail supervisor to be outside of that radius with an approved person that the bail supervisor has given permission to be with Poisson. Under Poisson’s recognizance, he is not to have contact with anyone under the age of 16 and is not to attend any public park, public swimming area, day care, school, school ground or playground. Judge Shaw added to that list the library, unless Poisson is with the approved person permitted by his bail supervisor.

In August, Poisson was found guilty of assault, assault with a weapon, possession of stolen property and breach of parole and was sentenced to six months in jail.

Having been behind bars while awaiting trail, Poisson was given four months credit. Poisson was also ordered to undergo a 19-month probation.

During the trial the court heard that Poisson had stolen a plywood boat and was intercepted by its owner and another Penticton resident on Skaha Lake.

In March 2010, Poisson was put on a 24-month recognizance after serving time for two breach of conditions. During the hearing, Judge Mark Takahashi found that the Penticton RCMP’s concerns that Poisson was a risk to commit a sexual offence to a young person were valid.