High-risk offender jailed for breach

Penticton man found to be a risk to commit a sexual offence arrested for accessing the Internet

Philip Poisson

Philip Poisson

Just two weeks after a high-risk sex offender was released for breaching his conditions in Kaleden, he has found himself behind bars again.

Phillipe Poisson, 20, was arrested on breach of his court-ordered conditions on Wednesday for accessing the Internet from a downtown location.

Earlier this month, Poisson was sentenced to four months of jail after approaching a 14-year-old girl near the Kaleden General Store asking to pet the horse she was walking with. It was determined his time had been already served in jail while awaiting trial and he was released. During the trial, defence counsel said Poisson has a diminished mental capacity and believed his intentions were most likely innocent.

Poisson is on a 24-month recognizance, after a judge determined that Penticton RCMP concerns were valid that the man was at risk of committing a sexual offence against a young person. At the hearing, a doctor testified Poisson would require life-long treatment that is not currently available in Penticton.

Since he signed the recognizance document, Poisson has been found guilty of not obeying them a number of times.

This includes being found guilty for three breaches for not reporting to his supervisor and not residing at his approved residence in February of 2011. A month after being released Poisson found himself in trouble again and was found guilty of assault, assault with a weapon, possession of stolen property and a breach after stealing a boat on Skaha Lake and getting into a fight with two men. Poisson had brandished a knife in the incident but neither of the men were injured — one man testified he received a bite on his hand from Poisson.

It was about two weeks after being released from his jail sentence on Jan. 11, that Poisson then breached his conditions by speaking with the teen girl in Kaleden. He was sent back to jail after being arrested and received another conviction for an argument that took place with guards.

Poisson consented to remand and was sent to Kamloops Regional Correction Centre on Thursday. His next appearance for court will be via video on Sept. 5.