Horejsi is running for city council

City of Penticton: Horejsi, Brian Councillor candidate

I like the small city atmosphere, physical layout, and pace of life that Penticton has. Along with the climate, that’s why many of our residents are in Penticton and its partly why my wife and I are here.

After an introduction to public service, decades of operating a small business, and then working in the non-profit sector, we came to Penticton because it has the chance to be a model small city. I think the focus of city council and administration efforts (time and money) should be on building and maintaining Penticton as a model small city, with emphasis on the small.

There is only one fundamental way to do that; intensive public involvement in how the city plans and operates. I will work to establish a formalized planning and participation process that  entitles residents to regular and inclusive participation in what the city does and how it spends our money.