Jeanne shows lighter side in new single

Livy Jeanne returns to Penticton for Peach Festival with new single We Are the Young.

Livy Jeanne returns to Penticton to sing at Peach Festival on Wednesday at Okanagan Lake Park.

Livy Jeanne returns to Penticton to sing at Peach Festival on Wednesday at Okanagan Lake Park.

On her third visit to Penticton, country artist Livy Jeanne is a little bit older and wiser, but still knows how to have a good time.

It is evident in her new single, We Are the Young, released in July on an EP.

“It was probably one of the funniest writing sessions I had been involved in. We really wanted to write a song that is upbeat, fun, anthemic that people could scream at the top of their lungs when they feel this way,” said Jeanne. “I had the idea of using the words young or wild and all these words kept coming out and it all started working. It was just a great experience.”

Jeanne will be singing in Okanagan Lake Park on Wednesday as part of the entertainment for the Penticton Peach Festival. Locals may remember her as the opening act for Alan Jackson at the South Okanagan Entertainment Centre, or when she performed at the Barking Parrot with the Young Guns Tour.

Jeanne’s EP also features previous singles Wrong Side of the Dirt, Something New and Any Other Way. She also released a video for We Are the Young at the same time.

“It is getting such an awesome response and I feel it is drawing attention from people who wouldn’t normally listen to country because it is catchy and fun to sing to,” said Jeanne.

Known for her playful country twang with pop polish, Jeanne really wanted to do something different for the We Are the Young video that jived with the feel-good vibe of the song.

“I wanted to do something different and the director said, ‘Why don’t you have a good time, do crazy stuff but dress like an older person while doing it.’ I was really nervous about the idea at first because we have these young-person clothes on but crazy makeup and my hair is nuts,” said Jeanne, referring to her hairdo as part Dolly Parton and part crazy. “We shot video in a park and we had all these people staring at us and people thought we were weird when they would walk into us and not see the camera crew.”

Jeanne is finishing up recording her next album that she hopes will show the world all facets of herself, whether that is the country girl learning to barrel race to letting her emotions go and baring her “sappy side.”

We Are the Young shows a lightheartedness, but I admit I am pretty sappy when it comes to everything. I think my EP shows a diverse map where music takes me and I am excited for when my next album comes out in the fall that shows all sides of Livy,” she said.

As an outspoken victim of bullying, Jeanne has sang about the topic and toured schools to share her personal story of torment. It is from her own experiences she draws on to write lyrics on heartbreak, struggles and relationships.

“Being in a self-conscious industry and a young female it is tough. Some of my new songs are super personal about the struggle of trying to get off that negative path. There are stories in there that I hope people accept and hear the message to and relate to it strongly,” said Jeanne.

Jeanne performs on Wednesday prior to legendary Canadian country group Emerson Drive. Jeanne takes the stage at 8 p.m.