KRONIKILL’s latest single “I.M.B.I.C.I.L.E” is set to come out on July 1, 2020. (Contributed)

KRONIKILL’s latest single “I.M.B.I.C.I.L.E” is set to come out on July 1, 2020. (Contributed)

Kelowna’s KRONIKILL making noise in local metal scene

KRONIKILL is a five-piece thrash metal band

A Kelowna based metal band is powering through COVID-19.

The current state of affairs in the world right now isn’t enough to stop Kelowna, BC-based Thrash Metal band KRONIKILL from getting their latest single “I.M.B.I.C.I.L.E” ready for release on July 1, Canada Day.

The band convened to record the single at LegionHQ Studios in Kelowna, BC on Feb 29, (a leap day!) – just weeks before COVID-19 stifled social gatherings.

With the help of producer and band manager Kyle Haynes (LegionHQ Music Group), and input from assistant engineer Alex Sevigny (Divine Destruction, Planetkiller, The White Bear Project), the band recorded the single off the floor in a matter of 3 takes.

Although they will be unable to tour in support of the single and upcoming EP, KRONIKILL has no plans to slow down on their promotion or anything else, according to Haynes.

“With everything so bleak and dreary right now, the guys wanted to give people something to look forward to,” said Haynes.

“Something they can just rock out to and maybe help them forget about the current state of things for a bit. “The world is a scary place right now, but one thing that always survives anything that’s thrown at it is Metal Music. The fans are just super dedicated, and they aren’t going anywhere. They need something to help them get through this.”

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Kronikill has been together for about two years. They formed when rhythm guitarist and primary lyricist Steve Tracy called up past bandmates from old bands and asked if they wanted to start a thrash metal project.

“We have all known each other for years,” said Tracy.

“We used to play in bands together 20 years ago, but decided this time we were going to make it as big as possible.”

This led to the band hiring the management firm LegionHQ Music Group to help them carve out an image and a presence and take advantage of social media in the age of digital music.

“We are taking the long term approach,” said Tracy.

“The plan is to keep going strong as a band and promote the hell out of this single while we prepare and record the full album. Once this is all over we will tour the album hard and go from there. I imagine the fans will be dying to go see a show after this is over.”

The band has been described by their fans as a mix between old ‘Sepultura’ and ‘Testament’ with modern ‘Lamb of God’ influences.

“I.M.B.I.C.I.L.E” will be available on all streaming platforms on Canada Day, July 1, but the pre-save link is now live.

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