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Morning Start: Dogs can understand some English

Your morning start for Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Rain is in the forecast today, which isn’t the worst thing that could happen. However, we are in for a whole lot of sunshine later this week.

Fun fact: Dogs can understand some English

In an article published in Animal Planet, the wildlife network quotes American psychology professor and canine intelligence expert Dr. Stanley Coren, who said that the average dog can understand 165 words, possibly more with training.

According to Coren, consistency is key; if you call your dog’s meal “supper” but your spouse calls it “dinner,” your canine friend may be confused. But if everyone says “dinner,” your dog will eventually catch on.

The article also notes that dogs respond better to hard sounds — T or R — rather than soft consonants — S, F or vowels — and prefer short, simple words, such as “walk” over “exercise.”

Weather forecast from Environment Canada:

In Kelowna:


In Penticton:


In Revelstoke:


In Salmon Arm:

Salmon Arm

In Vernon:


In case you missed it:

A Kelowna surfskier is warning people to be careful after she managed to rescue a kayaker on Okanagan Lake.

Sally Wallick, a competitive swimmer and surfskier, said she was out for a paddle on the lake a week and a half ago.

The day started out beautiful and the water was flat. It was perfect for kayaking.

“It was super sunny, clear skies. Then the wind turned very fast,” she said.

Read the full story here.

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