Multiple cougar sightings in Penticton

Conservation officers are cautioning residents of the Penticton Creek area to keep their eyes peeled after two separate sightings.

Two cougar sightings in Penticton have conservation officers cautioning residents in the area surrounding Penticton Creek.

On Nov. 19 Penticton conservation officer Dave Cox followed up with a report of a sighting near the Penticton Yacht and Tennis Club. An individual reported spotting a cougar up a tree likely because their dog was barking at it. A search of the area turned up no evidence, but Cox took precautions and erected some signage in the park warning residents of the possibility of a cougar.

On Nov. 23 another report came in the afternoon of a cougar observed near a residence near Penticton Creek. Later that day another dog barking caused the cougar to go up a tree.

“We’re just putting out some precautionary things and for people to do their part to protect the cougar and protect themselves,” Cox said.

Cox said to report any sightings as soon as possible to the RCMP or the conservation officers.

“I encourage people when they are walking anywhere in that area to walk their pets on a leash and people that have children who walk to school in the area, if they could find alternate modes of transportation. Getting a ride to school or walking in groups is always a precautionary thing when we potentially have a cougar in the area,” Cox said.

For more information on cougar behaviour or what to do when you spot a cougar visit www.wildsafebc.com.

To report a cougar sighting to a conservation officer call 1-877-952-7277. The line is open 24 hours, seven days a week.