NDP leader visits Penticton

Adrian Dix to meet with Penticton NDP Constituency Association and take part in Peachfest parade

B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix will be in Penticton this weekend.

B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix will be in Penticton this weekend.

Adrian Dix, leader of the B.C.  NDP, will be in Penticton this weekend to take part in the Peachfest parade.

He’ll also be meeting with local supporters and attending a fundraising event hosted by the Penticton NDP Constituency Association.

“It is Peachfest weekend, so he is coming up for that, to be in the parade,” said David Finnis, former president of the constituency association. Now a prospective candidate for the Penticton riding, he will be joining Dix in the parade, along with fellow nominee Dick Cannings.

“He has come in and out of the Okanagan a lot in the last year since he has been leader,” said Finnis. “It’s a good weekend in the sense there is a lot of stuff going on in Penticton. It’s a fun weekend.”

For NDP supporters, that includes the fundraiser at the Shatford, which gets underway at 6:30 p.m. on Friday in the Galleria room. The event is primarily a social event, giving an opportunity for Dix to chat with supporters on a more individual basis, but he will also be giving a short speech, as will the local prospective candidates.

Finnis has had several chances to chat with Dix before and since he was selected as leader for the provincial NDP.

“I was really impressed. As a speaker, he is absolutely incredible. He is one of those people that can get up there and with absolutely no notes, stay focused, stay on topic,” said Finnis. “I think he has done a good job of raising an issue and raising an alternative. One of the things he has tried to do is portray the positive.”