New on-air personalities for Okanagan radio station

Monday morning, listeners to Country 100.7 in the South Okanagan will hear the first of the new on-air staff hired by the station

Monday morning, listeners to Country 100.7 will hear the first of the new on-air staff hired by the station as it revamps its format.

The former Giant FM was bought earlier this year by Newcap Media, who, after surveying the market, decided to overhaul the station entirely, from the style of country music played to the announcers.

Okanagan Mornings with Troy and Roo kicks off at 5:30 a.m., May 14 as the newest addition to programming on the station. Troy Scott, known for his work on Country Music Television, has lived for many years in the Okanagan Valley and is a huge country music fan according to the station’s spokesman, while Roo Phelps joins the station from Vancouver where she starred on JR FM, touted as one of Canada’s top country music stations.

“Troy and Roo love country music and get country music fans. Both of these guys are looking forward to delivering an energetic, lively morning show with all the information that listeners need to kick off their day and loads of great country songs, one after another,” said David Larsen, Newcap Radio’s Okanagan program director.

As part of introducing the “all-new” 100.7 Country, the station also started an uninterrupted run of 5000 country songs on April 27 to show where they intend to take the station format, which Larsen describes as a “mainstream country music station, very bright, very uptempo.”

They’re keeping the tempo up with the first Troy and Roo show, featuring one of the biggest concert promotions in North America right now, Garth Brooks upcoming concert on July 12 at the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.

“Country music has a great audience in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys,” said Larsen. “We are excited to bring this fresh country format to the valley.”