Noonan wants Penticton to lead the way

City of Penticton: Noonan, Kevin Councillor candidate

Kevin Noonan, who ran unsuccessfully in 2011, is giving it another try.

“I have the time, I have the ability and I have the inclination,” he said. “I think I can really do some good things here.”

The city, he said, is lagging behind the Okanagan in recovering from the economic downturn.

“I don’t think we should be. We should be leading the way,” he said.

Noonan ran his family meat-packing business, with 200 employees and three locations in Edmonton, before selling it in 1997.

“I’ve got the wherewithal that way. I have had a couple of my own businesses and now I am self-employed in construction,” said Noonan, has lived in Penticton since 2004.

Penticton’s population of seniors is also a focus for Noonan, who wants to better relations between this important population and the city.

“I think listening to the seniors, what they want and what they are asking for,” said Noonan.

“I am very good at detail. I think that is what we have been missing out,” said Noonan.

Lynn Kelsey also ran for a council seat in 2011 and again in the 2013 byelection. Now, she’s fulfilling her promise that she would be back in 2014.