Shrapnel from a bomb placed under a car in August 2013 in Oliver.

Shrapnel from a bomb placed under a car in August 2013 in Oliver.

Oliver bomb-maker gets 30 days in jail

Court hears explosive was meant to 'scare' man who bullied a pair of brothers

An explosion that rattled an Oliver neighbourhood last summer was intended to scare a man who “felt up” the bomb-maker’s brother’s girlfriend, a B.C. Supreme Court judge heard Monday in Penticton.

Eric Olivier Daoust, 24, was scheduled to begin a four-day trial, but instead pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of mischief and handed a 30-day jail term, which he served last fall while awaiting a bail hearing, plus two years’ probation.

His 20-year brother and co-accused, Stephan Wesley Daoust, pleaded guilty in December 2013 to the more serious charge and was sentenced to 90 days in jail for placing the bomb that sent shrapnel through a wall of a nearby garage and damaged the car under which it was exploded around 2 a.m. on Aug. 12, 2013.

Court heard Monday that Eric used his welding skills to build the pipe bomb and then drove his younger brother to the home on Earle Crescent where Stephan placed the device under a 1991 Toyota Camry used by Jesse Wilson.

Crown counsellor Mallory Treddenick said the younger Daoust told police he had “conflicts” with Wilson and “was very angry with Jesse Wilson because he had felt up his girlfriend at one point.”

Stephan then enlisted his older brother’s help to “scare” Wilson with the bomb, Treddenick explained.

Defence counsel Don Campbell noted both brothers are small in stature about 130 pounds — and “reacted in a terribly immature manner to being bullied.”

“When this investigation began, there were a number of people that had situations of animus involving the complainant,” Campbell continued, noting he was trying to provide context but not “minimize the significant breach of judgement” his client displayed.

Justice Catherine Bruce went along with the plea deal, but ordered the elder Daoust receive psychological counselling while on probation.

“Anyone who helps his brother build a bomb and place it under someone’s car needs assistance,” said Bruce.