(Penticton Farmers Market - Facebook)

(Penticton Farmers Market - Facebook)

Penticton Farmers’ Market proposes re-opening, online ordering not going ‘as well as hoped’

“… Just because Kelowna is doing it, doesn’t make it right.”- Coun. Robinson

The Penticton Farmers’ Market wants to re-open on Saturday’s, but some city councillors were hesitant on the proposition.

Farmers market liaison councillor Judy Sentes brought forward the matter shortly after council began on Tuesday, May 5. The farmers market, she explained, is finding that online ordering is not going as well as they had hoped.

The Western News previously reported on April 29 that the Penticton Farmers’ Market was switching operations to an online marketplace.

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Sentes asked for council’s consideration to re-launch the market on Saturdays, with strict social distancing measures put in place.

In her presentation Sentes noted that the Kelowna Farmers Market has re-opened with restrictions put in place.

Councillor Katie Robinson expressed concern at the proposal.

“I think this is really pushing the envelope,” she said. “And just because Kelowna is doing it, doesn’t make it right.”

Councillors asked for more information on how farmers market staff plan to enforce their proposed restrictions.

Mayor and council supporting putting the matter forward to their Emergency Operations Centre staff, who will look into the matter further.

Sentes later in the meeting also asked the EOC to also look into the re-opening of tennis courts, which Robinson supported.


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