Penticton RCMP aware of alleged hacktivist video threatening to leak info

A video threatening to leak the personal information of an Oliver RCMP officer and others was allegedly put up by Anonymous group.

A YouTube video allegedly from the Anonymous group threatened to leak information about an Oliver RCMP officer and others.

A YouTube video allegedly from the Anonymous group threatened to leak information about an Oliver RCMP officer and others.

A video threatening to leak the personal information of an Oliver RCMP officer, a Crown lawyer and a BC Corrections employee was allegedly put up by the “hacktivist” group Anonymous, before being taken down Tuesday.

The video says, in trademark Anonymous garbled audio and shaky editing, that the RCMP and Crown have “bullied, assaulted, stalked and downright fabricated charges on innocent Canadians.”

“The branch is aware of the posting of the video in question. As a matter of general practice the branch takes appropriate steps to ensure staff security on an ongoing basis, however we don’t discuss specific steps or incidents,” Neil MacKenzie, spokesperson for the Crown, said in an email.

The video alleges that on Aug. 8, 2013 Cst. Christine Derkson of the Oliver RCMP “laid a charge on a fellow (Anonymous member) that he did not commit.”

The charge, the video alleges, was threatening and assaulting the man’s girlfriend.

“A charge on record that his girlfriend says he did not commit,” the video states.

The video goes on to say the charge was approved by Mallory Treddenick of the B.C. Crown Corporation. It accuses Derkson of planting the charge and Treddenick of telling the man’s girlfriend to lie in court or face charges of contempt of court.

The video also alleges that police officers threatened him on Feb. 19 to “leave the province or be murdered.”

“Much of this information is incriminating material that could lead to serious charges of many of your members.”

The video was posted by YouTube user “Demiurgous Luciferus” who has three other posts, which appear to be recordings featuring the voice of the same man. In one he promises a girl he is not recording a conversation in which she states that “she also told me if I were to lie in court it would be intempt of court or whatever you call it,” though there is little context. Another videos shows the man with the same voice from the first video filming a police car he claims is “targeting” him outside his residence.

The video representing Annoymous was removed by the user from YouTube around 1 p.m. Tuesday.

MacKenzie said the Crown doesn’t offer perspective on whether the specific conduct in the video is unlawful or might provide a basis for charges unless police submit a report to Crown counsel, or seek preliminary advice during the course of an investigation.

Cpl. Don Wrigglesworth with the Penticton RCMP said the allegations in the video are false.

“People don’t call the police and be beat up as victims. Police don’t make up domestic assaults,” Wrigglesworth said. “Our job is to protect a woman or a victim of domestic abuse.”

“We’re mandated to protect victims and we do everything we can. Sometimes even if the victim doesn’t want to proceed. If we have independent evidence of an assault, we have a 911 call or anything else, we still have to proceed with the charge to put forward to Crown counsel to prosecute,” Wrigglesworth said.

Whether the video is associated with Anonymous or a copycat is unclear, however, the hacker group have leaked information in the past including a high-level federal document containing confidential information on Sept. 26, which the National Post confirmed was authentic. The document was from the Department of Foreign Affairs and discussed government cost overruns, and the document released by the group in July outlined the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s network.

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