Penticton RCMP cleared of blame in attempted suicide

Independent Investigations Office finds no connection between officer's actions and woman jumping from balcony

  • Nov. 14, 2012 7:00 p.m.

No further action will be taken against Penticton RCMP for an incident where a woman engaged with police sustained serious injuries after jumping from a balcony.

The chief civilian director at the Independent Investigations Office concluded there was no reason to believe that there was any connection between an officer’s actions and the affected person’s decision to jump from the balcony.

On Sept. 21, Penticton RCMP officers responded to a 9-1-1 call concerning an adult female in emotional distress. While engaged with the police, the woman jumped from her balcony. The woman sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized in the Lower Mainland. The investigation office was notified by RCMP on Sept. 25 and the investigation began the following day with interviews, scene examination and neighbourhood canvassing.

Chief civilian director Richard Rosenthal has committed to the release of public reports relating to IIO investigations and his findings when cases are closed without a report to Crown counsel. Such reports will allow the public to understand the rationale for why a report to Crown counsel was not made.

In this case, however, since there was no finding of any connection between an officer’s action and the injuries that were sustained, no public report will be issued.

The IIO is a civilian-led body that conducts investigations into on-and off-duty police involved incidents that results in death or serious harm.