Penticton RCMP make arrests, seize drugs

Penticton Drug Task Force officers take 'date rape drug,' MDMA, LSD and other drugs off the streets.

A drug search warrant executed by Penticton RCMP on Tuesday in the 200 block of Hastings Street resulted in the arrest of two males.

Rory Ivan Thayer, 24, and James Dean Matthew, 26 were held in custody for court facing a variety of drug-related charges.

Cpl. Brad Myhre said officers seized various quantities of marijuana, MDMA, LSD and hash oil. Matthew also faces two charges of breach of a recognizance in regards to a matter for which he was already on bail.

Also on April 30, the Drug Task Force officers arrested two residents of Kelowna, a 32-year-old female and 31-year-old male in a vehicle in the 300 block of Riverside Drive in Penticton.

“Officers seized over a litre of GHB, which has been referred to as ‘date rape drug,'” said Myhre. “This amount is the equivalent of 200 individual doses of GHB.”

The two Kelowna residents were held in custody then released in a bail hearing and are facing charges of trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking in GHB.