Penticton RCMP nab alleged thieves at Apex Mountain

Alleged thieves arrested at Apex Mountain residence by Penticton RCMP after $30,000 worth of household items stolen.

A stolen truck parked at a residence at Apex Mountain gave away two alleged thieves that Penticton RCMP believe stole over $30,000 worth of household items.

On March 20 RCMP were advised that thieves had cleaned out a residence at Apex taking household items, artwork, bedding, ski and snowboard equipment, clothing, electronics, china, pots and pans. It was believed the house was ransacked sometime between March 14 and March 20.

RCMP officers noted a white Ford F-350 that had been reported as stolen parked in a driveway at another residence at Apex Mountain on March 22. Outside the residence were a 33-year-old male and 41-year-old female who were subsequently arrested.

“The 41-year-old female was out on bail from charges relating to $500,000 worth of property taken from a seasonal residence in the Faulder area,” said Sgt. Rick Dellebuur. “They also noted property reported stolen out of Osoyoos on the ground nearby.”

A search warrant was obtained for the Apex property and RCMP located items from the March 20 Apex break-in. Dellebuur said RCMP continue to investigate the incident and have recovered other property that they are in the process of identifying to other are break-ins. The two suspects currently remain in custody with charges of possession of stolen property being recommended for both.

“Once again this incident brings to light the importance of people marking and being able to identify their property. All too often people don’t mark their property or even know the make, model or colour,” said Dellebuur. “When police are aware of identifying marks and or provided with good descriptions of property taken, they are in a better position to obtain search warrants and seize property to return back to the owner.”

Dellebuur said marked and well-identified property also makes it easier for the courts to charge and convict the thieves responsible. He suggests marking your property with your B.C. driver’s licence as a good way to identify your property and assist police with its return.

“The success of this investigation was due in part to that police were readily able to locate and identify the stolen property from the descriptions provided by the owners,” said Dellebuur.