Plan paves way for laneway access

Penticton council gave the green light to a plan for a four-plex on Churchill Avenue

  • Oct. 20, 2011 2:00 p.m.

Development and pedestrians both got a green light to continue to use a laneway for lake access on Monday.

Penticton council gave the green light to a plan for a four-plex by unanimously adopting the rezoning bylaw and issuing the development variance permit for 433 Churchill Ave.

In September, councillors voted to preserve the pedestrian and cyclist walkway in the lane running south from Lakeshore Drive to Churchill Avenue, and also ensure vehicles have access to the area in a compromised solution that would allow the four-plex.

The decision came after a lengthy public hearing on the matter that drew dozens of concerned neighbours, and an attempt to find a resolution before final approval was sought.

Coun. Judy Sentes acknowledged the application had prompted an “emotional discussion,” and wondered whether there was additional discussion on the matter.

Development services director Anthony Haddad said working with the developer did not yield any fruit.

“We discussed a number of different options, but the developer is not intending to change the plans for the property,” he said.

The travel portion of the lane, however, will be limited to 3.5 metres, with 2.5 metres dedicated as a pedestrian walkway delineated through pavement markings. Haddad also said four-way stop signs are intended to slow traffic down.

Coun. John Vassilaki mused whether “the neighbours can be happy with just stop sings on a walkway?”

“The neighbours are still concerned,” Haddad said, adding the road widening has already been approved.