Powell focused on open and honest leadership

City of Penticton: Powell, Vic Councillor candidate

Despite nearly doubling his vote tally in his second bid to become Penticton’s mayor, Vic Powell has chosen to instead run for council in the Nov. 15 municipal election.

Powell, 69, said he had been considering another run at the top job, but decided to seek a supporting role after John Vassilaki announced last week his desire to be mayor.

“I won’t run against John,” said Powell, who has lived in Penticton for 16 years and is now seeking election in order to “back John up.”

The retired military officer said his campaign will focus on two planks — openness and honest leadership — “because it’s not happening right now.”

He noted that he will manage and finance his campaign all on his own so he’s not beholden to anybody if he wins office.

Powell earned 701 votes to finish second out of three candidates during the 2013 mayoral byelection that was won by Garry Litke with 2,779 votes.

Two years earlier, Powell placed fourth among five mayoral hopefuls with 372 votes in the municipal election that saw Dan Ashton installed in the top job with 3,124 votes.

Although he was defeated in those races, Powell doesn’t plan to change his campaign style.

“I don’t need the BS,” he said. “I just want people to get out and vote.”

My wife, Cheryl and I have lived in Penticton for 15 years. I served 33 years with the communications branch of the Canadian Army retiring from active duty in 1999. In my last five years of service, I was superintendent of communications for National Defence Headquarters for Ottawa and Hull, which included responsibilities for the support units throughout Europe.

My commitment to the taxpayers is to provide honest and open leadership. I believe this election should focus on fiscal responsibility. Unbridled spending cannot continue. Monies spent during difficult times need to be allocated based on essential needs not expensive, debt-creating projects and lawsuits.

I will focus on maintaining and improving existing infrastructure (water, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, roads and parks) and economic development. I have worked within very strict budget and prioritizing monies to essential needs.