Proposed changes to fresh water fishing regs

The provincial government has announced a number of changes to fresh water fishing regulations it would like feedback on.

  • Nov. 20, 2016 11:00 a.m.
Mark Brett/Black Press Felicia Cartier and her son Kaden Coolidge

Mark Brett/Black Press Felicia Cartier and her son Kaden Coolidge

Western News staff



The provincial government is asking for public input on the proposed changes to the 2017-2019

Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis.

Taking effect April 1 next year, the adjustments are based on regional requirements and conditions with the intent of the conservation of native fish species and enhance sustainable angling opportunities for recreational fishers.

The proposals include measures such as bait bans, hook restrictions,

changes to fishery opening and closing dates and adjusting retention

quotas to meet management objectives for native species and reduce

impacts of non-native species in B.C. lakes and rivers.

The 30-day opportunity for public comment ends on Dec. 16, 2016. Once

final decisions are made, the regulations will be published in the synopsis and

distributed to the public and posted online in March 2017 at:

A complete list and description of the proposed

regulations can be viewed online at:

For general information about fishing regulations in B.C., go to the

fish and wildlife home page. The home page also includes a How to Guide

and Frequently Asked Questions to assist users in navigating the website: