Revised price tag for Memorial Arena renovations provide relief

Assessment determines cost to repair rink much less than previously thought

A new report shows that it isn’t going to cost as much to repair the roof on Memorial Arena as expected.

The old arena, built in 1951, served as Penticton’s main arena until 2008 when the South Okanagan Events Centre opened its doors. However, the arena still remains an important ice surface for minor hockey and other user groups seeking affordable ice rates.

“In recent years there have been increasing leaking problems with the roof and previous estimates for a full roof replacement or repair have ranged from $1.2 to $1.7 million dollars,” said Chuck Loewen, general manager facilities, museum and recreation services.

Last year, council approved a $30,000 budget for assessments of the roofing and its structural condition. Rather than go out and get quotes that would come in at the million dollar range, Loewen said they wanted an assessment that would provide the necessary detail to include a request for quotes for repair and replacement.

Contrary to older assessments indicating dry rot in the roof beams and a short lifespan remaining for the arena without extensive roof repairs, Loewen said the 2013 assessment is much more moderate.

“Only one glue-lam beam required replacement from a structural standpoint. It’s rotting and will be planned for and presented in the 2014 capital budget at $9,000,” said Loewen.

“Over the course of the next 10 years, specific parts of the roof require various remedial action, totalling an estimated $569,000 over that entire period.”

The most immediate work involves grommet replacement and silicone injection to prevent water leakage. Along with other minor repairs, that is estimated at $40,000.

“That was recommended by the assessors for 2013. Beyond that, major replacements of specific roof sections would occur in 2016 for $215,000 and again in 10 years from now, in 2023, for $300,000,” said Loewen. “Other sections of the roof would not require repair or replacement for 20 to 25 years.”

Council voted unanimously to reallocate savings from work done on the Penticton Trade and  Convention Centre roof repairs to immediate work required to maintain Memorial Arena.