Sanders said he will stand up for Penticton residents

City of Penticton: Sanders, Darryl Councillor candidate

Darryl Sanders

Darryl Sanders

Darryl Sanders does not have any political experience but has been a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association for six years, sat on the executive for Penticton Slo-Pitch for four years and has been a volunteer firefighter for the Penticton Indian Band for the past six years.

The 40-year-old decided to run because he wants a voice on council for people in his age demographic.

“Someone needs to stand up for them and it needs to be someone that is going to listen to what people in this city want,” said Sanders.

Sanders said he moved to Penticton in 1997 and has seen a drastic change.

“I moved here because it was booming, things were happening and there was stuff to do. Now everything is slowing down so much. My fear is in another five or six years we are going to end up in a position where nothing is going to be happening but for people to get up and fly out to Alberta to work,” he said.

Darryl Sanders is a 40-year-old resident of Penticton and member of PIB fire department.

After spending summer vacation here in 1997, he decided to make Penticton his home. Sanders has always been a smart business minded young man. An owner of a transportation company, he has met and interacted with individuals of all walks of life, always taking the time to engage in a conversation to give advice or to lend a helping hand.

Along with his spouse, they ran two home-based businesses. After a downfall in the economy he started a third company.

I believe Penticton needs a leader to stand up for our citizens. We need to put an end to the old boys club attitude.  I feel I will be a voice for people in my age demographic.

Someone needs to stand up, someone that is going to listen to the needs of all age demographics not just one. First thing I would do is order a complete review of all policies and procedures at city hall.