School district issues alert to parents

Girl approached by a stranger in a vehicle on her way home from school

A safety alert has been issued by the Okanagan Skaha School District after a student was approached by a stranger.

“(Tuesday), on the way home from school, one of our elementary students was approached by someone in a vehicle, who called out for her to get in the car. The student kept walking with her head down and the car drove off,” said Wendy Hyer, superintendent of School District 67.

Hyer said RCMP were notified and the school district has advised parents so they can remain vigilant and make sure that children are spoken to about safety on their way to and from school.

“We have asked all teachers at the elementary and middle schools to talk with their classes today, but please reinforce the message with your children and ensure that they have a safe plan for getting to and from school,” said Hyer.

Dave Burgoyne, School District 67 assistant superintendent, said the student wasn’t able to provide any type of description of the vehicle or the person inside to RCMP.

“We want everyone to be cautious and vigilant. All teachers in the elementary and middle schools spoke to their classes with the message to be cautious should anyone approach and the stranger-danger conversation with the younger kids,” said Burgoyne.