Science projects gain high marks

While some of the students participating in the School District 67 science fair earlier this week are thinking ahead to next year’s project, many of them are taking a second look at this year’s project before heading to the upcoming regional competition.

Claire Selwood (left)

Claire Selwood (left)

While some of the students participating in the School District 67 science fair earlier this week are thinking ahead to next year’s project, many of them are taking a second look at this year’s project before heading to the upcoming regional competition.

Creating a successful science project is no easy job. First there is coming up with an idea, then researching it, designing an experiment, collecting and evaluating the data. And if that wasn’t enough work for the student, then they have to present their project — to their class, to their school and possibly to the judges at the district science fair, many of whom are drawn from the local scientific community.

And if you win a gold medal at that district competition, it’s time to get ready for the regionals, where the competition and evaluation is even more fierce. Between now and April 7, the students moving on to compete at that level have a chance to improve their project, refining the experiment and correcting any weaknesses found by the judges.

Of the 88 projects entered into this year’s district fair — representing Grades 6-9 — 21 won gold medals, including James Nemes, a Grade 7 student in the Home Learning Program.

“My project is to build a platform that the polar bears can live and hunt on, because if they can’t hunt, they just die of starvation,” said Nemes.

He’s not alone in being concerned about the environment — many of the projects focused on such issues, including Claire Selwood, a Grade 7 student at Glenfir School, whose Grey is the New Green — investigating the use of grey water and recycling it in homes — earned her a special award for the project most relevant to natural history conservation.

“We have some future scientists that are looking at making salt water batteries and energy out of salt water. That’s the kind of creativity we want out there in the career world too,” said Shona Becker, a Summerland Middle School teacher who helped organize the fair.

Becker was impressed with the quality of the projects at this year’s fair, seeing that many of the students were going beyond the basics for their projects, as well as learning to present their data properly.

“Wow, is it impressive … they are seeing that next step of what to do with an experiment,” she said. “It’s exciting to see how dressed up some of them are, they are really taking that communication piece really seriously too.”

Grade 6: Gold

The Rise of The Muffins, Makeena Hartmann, Skaha Lake Middle School

Natural vs. Man made, Sasha Mandaione, Skaha Lake Middle School

Variable Mass Wheel, Adam Gamblen, Skaha Lake Middle School

Eco Friendly or just Expensive, Reece Haberstock, Skaha Lake Middle School

Stretch Those Gummy Muscles, Mahkaila Lusch, Skaha Lake Middle School

Got Juice, Makena Thompson, Skaha Lake Middle School

Stains Out No Doubt, Lyndsey Selles, Skaha Lake Middle School

Grade 6: Silver

The Truth, Graedon Freeman, Skaha Lake Middle School

Rocking Rheostat, Todd Corrie, Skaha Lake Middle School

Rusting Out, Megan Archibald, Skaha Lake Middle School

The factors that effect burning, Emily Trupp, Skaha Lake Middle School

Snowshoes for your Vehicle, Sarah Bradley, Skaha Lake Middle School

Grade 6: Bronze

Bacteria, Ashley Patton and Brooke Planedin, McNicoll Park Middle School

Fantastc Flams, Shaina Finlayson, Skaha Lake Middle School

Radish Race, Danika Caverly, Skaha Lake Middle School

A Breath of Fresh Air, Carmen Johnson and Katie Huston, McNicoll Park Middle School

Powerful Fruit, Shelby Rodgers, Skaha Lake Middle School

Cloud in a Bottle, Walker Singleton, Glenfir School

Acid Attack, Billy Beecroft, Skaha Lake Middle School

Pyramid Energy, Jamie Lezard, Skaha Lake Middle School

Bugs B Gone, Sierra Ranger, Glenfir School

Smells Tasty, Monty Tebbutt, Glenfir School

Grade 7: Gold

Go, Go, Stop, Anne Lu and Natalie Kushner, KVR Middle School

Save the Arctic, James Nemes, Home Learner’s Program

Testing Vs Spelling, Kira Hughes and Sarah Lundman, Summerland Middle School

Beat It, Maya Venkataraman and Ella Weir, Summerland Middle School

Super Cool Soda, Sean Combres, KVR Middle School

Science Pong, Jaimy Coates and Vanessa Pearson, KVR Middle School

Sand Sinker, Cassie MacLeod Lutz and Jocelyn Daublas, KVR Middle School

Do Cigarette Butts Affect Lake Water?, Caitlin Shaw, Summerland Middle School

How To Stress Less, Decio Pescada and Martha Headland, Summerland Middle School

Lucky Word, Edina Bijovoet, KVR Middle School

White, Brown, Or Farm?, Arielle Jenkins and Emma Thomson, Summerland Middle School

How Does Your Water Grow?, Leah Watts and Shauna Gardiner, McNicoll Park Middle School

Grade 7: Silver

Alternative Energy, Austin Hogg, Summerland Middle School

Study Buddy, Megan Bull and Jessica Henderson, KVR Middle School

To Open or not to open, Sophie Rutter and Abbey Rutter, KVR Middle School

Dream On, Nadine Ashby, KVR Middle School

Snore, I’m Taller, Faith Johnstone, Summerland Middle School

What Does the Nose Know, Emily Barbour and Nicole Joostema, McNicoll Park Middle School

Kill the Pill, Spencer McIntosh and Kendra Reger, Summerland Middle School

Water You Drinking?, Kelsey Davie, Glenfir School

The Troll Catapult, Graham Smith Boyle and Keenan Haithwaite, KVR Middle School

Grey is the New Green, Claire Selwood, Glenfir School

Play the Pressure, Shane Fofonoff and Geoff Stathers, Summerland Middle School

Grade 7: Bronze

Plaque Attack, Jenaya Copithorne, KVR Middle School

Sugar High, Kailyn Walker and Payton Nackoney, KVR Middle School

La Graine La Plus Chaude, Ana Clouatre and Simran Klar, Summerland Middle School

Action and Reaction, Tami Mann and Minju Yu, KVR Middle School

Magentic Force, Sam Clarke, KVR Middle School

Vitamin D, Brian Bonthoux, Summerland Middle School

Les fournaises sont médiéval utiliser le Géotherma, Annmarie LangHodge and Zoë Konanz Entre Lac

Can You See the Difference?, Kaylee Kozari Bowland and Anika Holowaty, KVR Middle School

Solar Energy, Tristan Stadnyk and Bryce MacKay, KVR Middle School

Keeping Strawberries Fresh, Rosebell Espinoza and Athena Bonneau, KVR Middle School

Chemical Geyser, Keirran Godbold and Devon Hill, McNicoll Park Middle School

Grade 8: Gold

Take a Shot At Music, Abhi Lekhi, Summerland Middle School

Pick Up Lines, John Crofts, Summerland Middle School

Grade 8: Silver

Stacked Plaque, Sydney Peterson, Summerland Middle School

Grade 8: Bronze

Optical Illusion, Izabella Arnold and ShayAnn Cartwright, McNicoll Park Middle School

Synthesizers and Simplicity, Kiran Rochon Woitzik and Lucas Garrett, Summerland Middle School

Non Newtonian Fluid, Alaina Ramkaran and Ceridwyn Olaffson, KVR Middle School

Grade 9: Silver

Bad Boats, Mac Tebbutt, Glenfir School

Grade 9: Bronze

The Growth of Agriculture, Jonathan Rothe, Glenfir School

Naturalist Award Winner – Project most relevant to natural history conservation

Grey is the New Green; Claire Selwood; Glenfir School; Grade 7