Slater inspired by Elvena Slump

City of Penticton: Slater, Debra Councillor candidate

Debra Slater

Debra Slater

Debra Slater does not have a background in politics but feels she will make a good member of council because she represents the average person.

“I feel like things have been a little out of hand with council the last while. I am someone that always has something to say. I am a voice and I feel strongly that if there are enough voices that get together someone will listen and that we can change things,” said Slater.

She said she decided to throw her hat into the ring after she heard that the city sent a letter to resident Elvena Slump warning her of legal action for defamation regarding a letter to the editor. Slater has lived in Penticton for over five decades and is a manager at a storage centre.

“This is a beautiful city to live and work in, but we are struggling and we need to get some balance back in this area,” said Slater. “I’m honest, maybe a little bit outspoken, but I really believe Penticton can be a wonderful place to live for all ages.”


I have lived in the Penticton area for more than five decades now. l love the weather, its scenery and its people. I come from a family of five children and three half-sisters with a number of very welcomed foster children over my formative years.

My husband Brian Bennett and I reside in Penticton as well as all our grown children: Selena Rudolph (Kevin), Graydon Bowering (Breanne), Duncan Godsman, granddaughter Ashley Rudolph and grandson Kelynd Rudolph. Kelynd and Chelsea will be making us great grandparents any day now.

I decided to run for council when Elvena Slump’s freedom of speech was questioned, I have also been known to write to the editor on occasion; the accountability to the residents of this community must be of the utmost importance.

My focus when I am elected is to bring new prosperous businesses to Penticton, with new businesses brings new jobs. My number one priority is year round employment.