Sticky sweet thank you to health care pros

Sticky sweet thank you to health care pros

Transplant recipients and donors say thanks one kernel at a time

What better way to say thanks at Christmas than with a really big bucket of sweet, sticky popcorn.

That’s what happened Friday as organ transplant donors, recipients and volunteers showed up at Penticton Regional Hospital to make their annual delivery to the medical staff there.

Operation Popcorn was started by the BC Transplant Society as a thank you to health care professionals who all too often only get to see the terrible side of organ donation supporting families of donors dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Through this program these workers get to see the lives that have been saved through their efforts.

As the society’s website states: “It’s our favourite time of year.”

The fun event has extra special meaning for Annick Lim who has utilized heath care services since she was diagnosed with kidney disease at just 18 months.

She eventually received a living donor transplant from her father and that was 19 years ago when she was in her mid 20’s.

Since then the Penticton woman has been an outspoken advocate for organ donation and a tireless worker on behalf of the Kidney Foundation of Canada which recognized her efforts with a special award earlier this year.

“Today we’re here to thank staff who work really hard to take care of patients like myself and take care of families who are going through tragedy and turn it into a miracle like a lot of people who are working around Penticton with transplants,” said Lim who was the 2015 “poster child” for the society. “It’s definitely nice to recognize the staff, we’re really grateful to have them. Penticton hospital, a lot of patients wouldn’t be here without them.

“I know that this is a small town and the hospital just does so much for the community and I am very excited to have the hospital grow with us because there is a need.”

About why they give medical staff popcorn, Lim speculated that the cooked kernals serve as kind of a “universal” comfort food.