Teneycke speaks out in court, facing more charges from manhunt

Ronald Teneycke was in court for the first time after a massive manhunt in the South Okanagan led to his arrest in July.

Teneycke speaks out in court, facing more charges from manhunt

The subject of a massive manhunt in the South Okanagan is facing new charges after making his first court appearance since his arrest.

Ronald Arthur Teneycke is facing new charges of aggravated assault, wounding, two counts of robbery with a restricted or prohibited firearm, possessing a restricted firearm, failing to stop for police and multiple breaches of probation.

The prolific offender was consent remanded to the Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre on July 24 following his arrest on July 23 when the multi-day manhunt came to its conclusion in a Cawston Orchard.

Teneycke’s bail hearing was adjourned as his defence counsel had not received any information, and was given the new charges the morning of Aug. 5.

“I have had absolutely no disclosure,” said Michael Welsh, Teneycke’s defence counsel. “It’s been three weeks and I understood there had been some files that had been proofed some time ago. I haven’t received anything from Crown on those. I don’t have anything with respect to new charges, I’m not even sure what they are at this point.”

Welsh received some of the new charges laid on Teneycke and Crown was directed to get Welsh disclosure as soon as possible.

Teneycke, who appeared in court via video, attempted to interject multiple times during proceedings, but was quickly interrupted and told to speak to his lawyer.

“Why does it take two weeks for me to be brought to court for a first appearance?” Teneycke asked.

“Mr. Teneycke I haven’t received — Crown is busy laying new informations here, we just got one this morning. I haven’t received any disclosure or anything. I need to know what’s going on before you and I can talk, before any sort of decision can be made here,” Welsh told his client.

Teneycke continued to interject.

“I’d like to register a formal objection in regards to I have the right to be in front of a judge three days within my being taken into custody, which didn’t happen,” Teneycke said.

Teneycke will return to court on Aug. 26 by video.



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