Victim bursts into tears during testimony on alleged sexual assault

Osoyoos man on trial for a gruesome sexual attack in Penticton court

The woman who is accusing Brian Louie of an atrocious sexual assault had to face him in court on Wednesday.

Taking several times to compose herself, including having to leave the courtroom once because she was crying hysterically, she began explaining the details of what is alleged to have happened on May 20 at a residence in Oliver.

“I never felt anything like that in my life,” said the woman, who cannot be named because of a publication ban to protect her identity.

She said the assault continued in the form of 34-year-old Louie stomping, punching and kicking her as she lay on the floor with her hands up trying to protect herself.

It was just hours before the assault she had been at a friend’s house where a party was taking place. The woman said she was driving Louie home and planned to return to the party house, where she was going to sleep.

She said Louie jumped out of her rolling car and went to an acquaintance’s house where he spoke with someone through a window then returned to the vehicle “grumbling” something. She took Louie to his residence and he told her to wait, after about five minutes she said he returned and decided to go with her.

As they drove down a hill she said Louie grabbed the emergency brake and sent them into a 360 spin into some bushes. The woman said she was “frustrated” and questioned him on why he would try and wreck her car and only got a reply of “I’m sorry.”

The pair eventually made it back to the party house and talking led to kissing and being intimate with one another. At one point the brother of the person holding the party walked in on them to retrieve his stereo that had been used at the party and the woman said she reassured that person everything was OK. The woman said Louie “has a history of getting out of control at parties” and there had been some concerns earlier by party-goers if Louie should be invited. Earlier in the trial one of the witnesses confirmed that Louie had been violent with the woman in the past.

The pair continued getting intimate when the brother left and that is when she says the attack started. She said the assault that included biting her genitals has left her with lingering pain, post-concussion syndrome and severe anxiety.

“I don’t feel normal anymore,” she said. “I can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone down the road. I get stuck on words and I stutter. I’m not the same as I was before.”

On cross-examination, defence counsel James Pennington asked if there were any words spoken immediately before the attack, which she responded no. He then asked if foreplay had ever involved biting.

“Never, I’m not into rough sex. This was unexpected,” answered the woman.

The woman explained she didn’t even fight back, when defence asked how bruises and scratches got on Louie’s face.

Louie is charged with aggravated sexual assault and assault causing bodily harm. His lawyer has on repeated occasions held up his hand to the accused, who sits in the prisoner’s box, to tell him “be quiet” and to “shut up” during the trial at Penticton provincial courthouse because of outbursts. This includes one occasion where Louie called the complainant a “hypochondriac” during the testimony of a doctor.

The Crown rested its case Thursday afternoon, while the defence expects to call Louie to the stand when the trial resumes Dec. 13.

***NOTE*** – this story has been edited from the original. A correction was made on the date of the alleged offence.